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July 14, 2006

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Like Momma, Like Daughter

Madelyn and her momma are very much alike. We both love to laugh, sing, and dance. We both love soft serve vanilla ice cream, sweet potatoes, and bananas (not together of course!). We both love Dadda and smile and laugh when he comes home from work. We both love to go for walks, play in the ocean, and play outside. But, like momma-like daughter, Madelyn has also inherited some of my “not-so-lovely” qualities. Just like her momma, Madelyn is impatient. When things don’t get done when or how I’d like them done, I huff and puff…though most of it occurs in my head. When Madelyn thinks its taking too long for me to change her diaper, she cries and groans and flips her body over, crawling away with a naked hiney in the air. Just like her momma, Madelyn is stubborn. When Ben and I disagree over an issue where clearly (even to myself) I am in the wrong, I have a hard time appologizing and admitting my fault. When it comes to our entertainment center, “no touch” seems to have no meaning for Madelyn. She will time and time again try to bang the glass windows or throw the VCR player off the shelf. Though momma tries to hide her sin or make them look “socially acceptable,” Madelyn can’t hide her sin yet. Just like her momma, Madelyn needs Jesus to forgive her and save her from her sins. And I pray that one day, just like her momma, Madelyn will submit her life to Jesus, knowing that only by His death on the cross and resurrection, can she become the type of woman she (and her momma) wants to be, a woman after God’s own heart.


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