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August 3, 2006

Filed under: Family — adayinthelifeofaross @ 1:38 am

An Ode to Aunt B. My little Maddie LOVES her Aunt B. Actually, that would be an understatement. Maddie ADORES her Aunt B. And why not? Aunt B. has been a part of some of Madelyn’s most important moments. Aunt B. was there in the hospital room to welcome her into the world. Aunt B. was there to give her her first bottle when Momma was sick. Aunt B. has a really cool watch that Madelyn just loves to hang out of her mouth when she crawls around. So it’s only natural that Aunt B. would be the person that Madelyn loves to walk to the most! Maddie just started walking this past weekend. She takes a few steps, realizes what she’s doing, then goes back to crawling…a much quicker means of travel. Her momma and dadda try everything possible to motivate her to walk. Little did we know that all we need is an Aunt B.! All Aunt B. has to do is start singing about little kittens and their mittens and Maddie walks right to her…from a great distance even! (ok, by great distance I mean 8 steps or so!) I love watching the way my daughter loves being with my sister! There is something special about their bond that I hope only continues to grow. And I hope to have that special bond with a little special someone who is due to be born any day now…my sister’s first baby! I too, will get to be there to welcome this little one in the world! I hope one day little Brayden looks at me the way my little Maddie looks at her Aunt B.!


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