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September 1, 2006

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Maddie Memory #2– Her First Night Home…

Friends had tried to prepare us that the first night home, away from nurses and nursery, could be a bit…hmmm…overwhelming? The baby, who emerged a few days ago quiet, and let’s face it–pretty tired and shocked from its journey, is now starting to get used to this life outside of the womb. Some babies aren’t so sure they like it. Madelyn was one of those babies! We didn’t hear much more than a peep from Maddie since her screaming at arrival so we were more than a bit shocked by her screaming and crying her first night in her crib. At first, I was terrified. “What did we do?! What did we get ourselves into?!,” I thought more than once that night. However, my fear and anxiety quickly turned into one of my most treasured memories with Madelyn. We went downstairs and I layed on the sofa, with her on top of my chest, my pinkie in her mouth, and we slept on and off for the rest of the night. I often think about that time on the sofa…feeling her all snuggly and warm against me. I would pay a lot of money or buy her lots of toys to get her to snuggle with me like that again! It was a sweet moment where God turned anxiety and worry into a mother and daughter memory I will never forget!


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