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September 3, 2006

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Maddie Memory #3…Those Silly Smiles
As a new mother, I learned quite soon how to manipulate those adorable little smiles from my daughter. When she was very young and just started smiling, a simple song I created always did the trick. This song was neither creative or pleasing to the ear, but it ALWAYS made Maddie smile. I sang these (very repetitive–just ask Ben) lyrics to the tune of the NBC chimes:

“I love you. Yes I do. I love you. Yes I do. Yes I do. I love you.” See…nothing genius there, but watching how Madelyn would smile as soon as I started singing it, made me want to sing it over and over again 🙂 As Maddie gets older, we’ve had to be a bit more creative. She loves when Ben and I pretend to sneak up and attack her. She smiles a ton when she can’t see us sneak into her room, pop up, and rescue her from her crib. And if all of that fails, we pull out the camera. Maddie is a natural “ham”! We simply adore Madelyn’s smiles…with or without teeth. Her joy is contagious. She is truly a blessing from the Lord!!


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