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September 19, 2006

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Maddie Memory #6: Singing and Dancing

Just like her mommy and daddy, Madelyn loves music. When she was just a few months old, she started trying to sing along with me to the songs I would sing when I was rocking her at night. She would look up at me and hum along, occasionally hitting the right notes. Now, she prefers to listen at night, but during the day I can catch her trying to sing along with me or trying to match pitch. What a cutie! Something that our family does quite often is gather in the kitchen, pop in some music, and dance. When she was too little to stand, Ben would hold her and dance with her and I would dance along with them. Maddie would giggle and giggle until we finished. Now that Maddie is a “big girl” she likes to dance along with us. She holds out her hands, waving them around like she’s conducting the music, and does a little “squat bounce” to the beat…and all with a huge smile on her face. We catch her looking back at us to make sure we’re watching! We love our little dancing queen!


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