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September 25, 2006

Filed under: Madelyn — adayinthelifeofaross @ 4:16 pm

Maddie Memory #7–Her Lamby Pie

Madelyn has a “lovey…” her Lamby Pie. A soft, fluffy, and cute little lamb was given to Madelyn by one of my 3rd grade students before Madelyn was born. Little does Kylie know what a fan Madelyn is of this lamb! Lamby has taken quite a beating since Madelyn has been born. She’s been dropped, drooled on, chewed, slept on, and taken just about everywhere! This month Madelyn has grown especially fond of Lamby Pie, wanting her to join her everywhere…from breakfast to Philadelphia! Recently, we found an identical lamb. Madelyn knows this is an imposter. She will look at lamby, hug it, look at it closer, and throw it on the ground. “You are NOT my lamby pie!,” she seems to say. Lamby is her special companion, especially when she is tired. Lamby Pie makes a great pillow. Her “Ni-Ni,” the name we think she calls her Lamby, is getting ragged and dirty, her eye is chipped, and she no longer smells like cake. Madelyn doesn’t mind one bit…this only makes Lamby Pie easier to love.


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