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September 27, 2006

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Madelyn Memory #8: Sweet Little Shadow

One of my favorite qualities about Madelyn is her love for people. When we are in a store or out in public, she is constantly waving hello and goodbye to people. And often, as we leave a store, she gives one big general “Goodbye store, I’m leaving!” wave. I love it!

When Maddie is in smaller social environments–play dates, care group, etc., we often find her following the other children around as if she was their shadow. Thankfully we have not found a kid who minded yet! Although, one time we had friends over for lunch and the little girl Madelyn was following called out to her mom “Mommy, the baby keeps following me!” When Maddie catches me watching her play “shadow,” she’ll often flap her arms and giggle, as if to say “Look, Momma, I’m a big kid, too!” Yes, Maddie I know. Don’t remind me! Our Madelyn is growing up so fast.

Madelyn has been learning a lot from the “big kids” when she follows them around. She found out that the speakers to our t.v. are perfect to fit her hand into. She found out that sheer curtains are much more fun if you go behind them and look through. She learned new and sneaky ways to escape the barricades I set up to keep her in the living room. But probably my favorite was learned only on Monday. Katelyn Valentine taught Madelyn how to hug! Maddie has snuggled her head in our shoulders before, she’s given us kisses before, but she’s never put her arms around us and squeezed before. On Monday, after a play-date, Katelyn gave Maddie a hug goodbye, and wouldn’t you know it, Maddie hugged back! (and kissed her on the neck!!!) It was the cutest thing I ever saw!!! So, I guess being a little shadow has some perks!


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