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October 10, 2006

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Preparing for Bundle Number Two
“What is going on with my belly?!?!” I’ve often thought this the past few weeks and then I remember again, “Oh yes, I’m PREGNANT. This is supposed to be happening to my belly”! We’ve done so much to begin preparing Madelyn for her transition: changing our guest room into a “big girl” room, spending a lot of time with Maddie in there, moving her clothing and toys in there, even practicing laying on her “big girl” bed. And yet, it wasn’t until last week that I realized…”Hmmm….we might need to do some preparing for Anderson, too”! So the past week and a half has been full of sorting Maddie’s old layette, washing it, drying it, and putting it away in the nursery. Its crazy to think of another little person wearing this clothing. Will he look like a girl in this little white onesie? Will he fill out these sleepers? Will he mind that stain I just can’t get out of that top? God’s kindess, that He would allow me to even get pregnant again, and to be the mother of another little child, just overwhelms me. And yet God has it all perfectly planned, He isn’t surprised or caught off-guard by His kindess towards me. Ben and I were recently talking about all of the teaching God will be doing by blessing us, Lord willing, with two little ones under the age of 2 years old. I will be, and already am beginning to be!, so aware of my weakness and inability to care for and raise two little ones so close in age. And even if I gain a false sense that I’ve got it under control, I will be reminded that He has given me two very different little ones–a boy and a girl–who will inevitably have to be raised differently during certain situations and seasons in their lives. I will be constantly needing to rely on God’s strength, wisdom, and guidance. Boy, am I so glad that God readily gives grace to those He loves! I hope that when I am in the midst of raising two babies, two toddlers, or two teenagers, that I will remember that God has perfectly planned this for me…for His glory, and for my good.


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