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November 4, 2006

Filed under: Madelyn — adayinthelifeofaross @ 4:21 pm

Little Miss Suzy Homemaker

Madelyn has started doing something the past three days that just makes me laugh! It seems like she is starting to attempt to redecorate or reorganize our house. Maddie will take a certain object, like a sofa pillow, she’ll look around, then walk over to another chair and place the pillow there. She’ll then sometimes stand back to admire her work or let out a little laugh and then continue with the next item. So far she has decided that our drink coasters look nice on our sofa cushions, our sofa pillows look nice on our leather chairs, and her books look nice just about anywhere. This just cracks me up! And I wonder if this is what she thinks I do when I tidy up the living room…moving one random item to another random place. Now if only I could get her to help me really tidy up…we’re making slow progress but she’d much rather “throw” than “stow!!”


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