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November 8, 2006

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Another Glimpse…
We had another ultrasound yesterday for little Anderson Jay. This was partially a surprise to Ben and I. During Madelyn’s pregnancy I had some blood test results that showed my placenta might have trouble developing, and therefore, the baby might have trouble growing properly. We had about 4 ultrasounds with Madelyn so they could monitor her growth more frequently. Most of you know, Maddie, thankfully, definately grew properly…she was 8lbs 6oz. at birth, and is a very tall girl now. Our doctors said this time, hopefully, we would only need to have 2 ultrasounds to monitor his growth. Yesterday was the second. The office said they would call me to let me know if it was an ultrasound appointment, that way we could find a babysitter for Madelyn. Well, we didn’t get a call, so Madelyn saw her brother for the first time yesterday!

What a joy to get to see our little guy again! I am constantly amazed at the clarity in which the doctor can see the organs and bones of babies in ultrasounds. The only thing I was positive about on my own was the spine and the beating heart! Praise God, everything looked great and AJ is growing at a wonderful rate. He measured in the 54% which is right where we want him to be! And Madelyn did a great job! Daddy held her in the dark as the doctor was giving the ultrasound. Every now and then I’d hear a giggle, and I’d turn and see Maddie smiling at Ben, then she’d look at me and smile too. She probably found it pretty funny that we were looking at a fuzzy t.v. in the dark, I can’t imagine she had any idea that we were looking at a baby!

Ben and I continue to be in awe that God would bless us not only with an adorable, healthy, and happy little girl, but now also a very active-in-the-womb little boy. I like to picture him running around with Ben in the back yard throwing the football back and forth, or wrestling in the living room breaking lamps along the way. This baby constantly moves in my belly…I think he has inherited Ben’s bouncing legs! Lord willing, I think Maddie and I will often be laughing at the two of them together!


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