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November 13, 2006

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ALDI Foods…The Happiest Place on Earth?

Madelyn and I have recently started go to ALDI Food Store on Monday mornings. The first few times we went I joked with Ben that this must be Maddie’s “happy place.” However, the more we go to Aldi Foods, the happier Madelyn has become there. Is it indeed, the happiest place on Earth? When we are at Aldi’s, Maddie makes it her mission to laugh and wave to every person we meet within it’s aisles. She points at products that catch her attention, holds the list for Mommy (giving it back just at the right moments) and sometimes even assists in holding groceries and putting them on (and off) the conveyor belt. The moment Maddie enjoys the most, though, is “talking” with the woman or man at the checkout counter. As we approach the conveyor belt, she gets a HUGE smile on her face and starts to wave frantically. As we get closer, Maddie begins to “talk” with this person, at length! Is this a long lost best friend? No. Maddie and I have yet to have the same person check us out twice. Maddie just loves this person without reason!

I have to say that Madelyn has been quite an example to me when it comes to “loving thy neighbor.” In my selfishness and attempt to “get in and get out,” I would prefer to quickly grab the items I need and buy them without engaging in any sort of conversation. Madelyn, however, likes to take her time, enjoying her surroundings and engaging the people around her. I so want to be more like that! Our pastor, C.B., often talks about “appointments from God” with others when out in public. Madelyn has been reminding me that I need to be on the look- out, and even desiring for God to give me such appointments with others, at ALDI’s or wherever it is I am going.

I look forward to seeing how God grows this love and compassion that Madelyn has for people, as she gets older. And Lord willing, He just might be doing some work in me as well!


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