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December 20, 2006

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Fire and Ice…

Some of you know our little stinker-bean has been fighting a high fever since Saturday. (Hence the “fire” aspect of our post’s title) Her fever has been wavering between 99 to 103 degrees. Maddie’s doctor believes it is just a low-grade virus that will probably go away in time, and the most we can do is to help her feel comfortable and load her with fluids.

During this time, it has been so sad to see our usually rambunctious, funny, and curious girl behave clingy, sad, and lethargic. So, Ben and I were encouraged to see some silly behavior from Madelyn in spite of her fever. Sunday afternoon, Ben flipped from the football game to some ice skating. He was just about to change the channel back to football when we noticed Madelyn was mimicing the ice skaters! She was waving her arms up in the air and spinning around, all with a very serious look on her face. She continued this for awhile, stopping every now and then to watch the skaters. How adorable!

What a kind reminder from God that our little girl is still here with us, even if she isn’t feeling her best. Thankfully, even though her temperature continues to be higher than it should, (99 to 101 degrees) today Madelyn is behaving more like her silly and curious self…and getting into all sorts of trouble again 🙂 We are continuing to pray for complete healing, but are encouraged with this improvement!


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