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January 2, 2007

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Today is the return to “normal life” after the holidays. We had a wonderful time celebrating Jesus’ birth and the start of a new year with both the Anderson and Ross families. Here’s a brief description of our time with family.

Our celebrations began and ended with the extended Anderson family on Christmas Eve-Eve and New Year’s Eve. My Aunt Beth and Uncle Rob alway do such a wonderful job hosting our big family events…and Ben and I are always tempted to glutony there with such yummy and abundant food!! Madelyn loves to run in and out of every room, and up and down every hallway. Their ever-patient golden retriever dog, Maui, often endures many a smack on the head as Madelyn learns to pet gently! Aunt Beth even saved many of my cousins toys for Maddie to play with now, years later. How kind of her!

Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day was spent with Mimi and Pappy Anderson and Aunt B., Uncle Matt, and Brayden. Maddie loves spending time with little Brayden and would smother him with hugs and kisses if we let her. She is constantly waving and saying “hi” to him, often at very loud decibles which makes him startle and cry! Poor kid! I am sure he looks forward to growing up so that he can hold his own against her! Madelyn had her first New Year’s pork and sauercraut, eating every last bite before any of the adults! She’s definately my little Berks County lady!!

In between our Anderson family get-togethers, we spent several days with Granny and Grandpa Ross in Harrisburg. With each visit, Ben and I love watching Madelyn become more and more comfortable there–she did such a great job getting right into her normal napping and sleeping routine inspite of all of the excitement! Ben’s mom collects snowmen and Madelyn found a new “best friend” in many of them, especially a snowman who “plays” the piano and “sings” Christmas songs. Poor Grandpa spent many an hour listening to the snowman’s tunes with Madelyn. I’m glad to say the songs finally left my memory (I would often wake with them ringing in my head!!)

But the best part of the holidays for Madelyn and I was our extended time with Daddy! Ben had off from school for about 10 days (including weekends) and we enjoyed each and every moment of it! Madelyn is doing well adjusting to being with just Mommy again, but we both miss Daddy!


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