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January 8, 2007

Filed under: Madelyn — adayinthelifeofaross @ 3:19 pm

Our Little Big Girl When Ben and I first discovered we were blessed with another pregnancy, our little Madelyn was only 6 months old. At this point in her life, Madelyn’s days consisted of sleeping, eating, rolling over and sitting up. We often needed to remind ourselves that Madelyn would be capable of doing a lot more by the time baby #2 would arrive. Now, in approximately 20 days, Lord willing, Anderson will join our family. Indeed, Madelyn is now capable of a whole lot more! God has been so good to us in allowing Madelyn to grow in so many ways–physically, mentally, and emotionally since we first received such good news. She now sleeps in a bed, feeds herself, walks, runs, and understands (and sometimes even obeys!) most of the things we ask of her. She is a very different little girl from 9 months ago! Madelyn’s newest development is that she wants to help her mommy and daddy. What a blessing! She has started putting away her toys when we ask her to, and last night she even wanted to help me Swiffer the kitchen floor! It took much longer to clean the floor with her next to me holding onto the Swiffer with me, but what a wonderful memory I will have of Mommy’s little helper! What a gift from the Lord our little big girl is! Though we know the arrival of Anderson will bring many changes, we know God is growing Madelyn into a great big sister!


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