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February 2, 2007

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Pepto Bismol and Pedialyte
This week was not what I had expected. I had expected to either be 1) holding a brand new baby boy in my arms or 2) wanting to hold a brand new baby boy in my arms. Neither occurred. I, being over due, actually did not want this baby to leave my womb. The reason? THE FLU. Or, what the papers are calling a “nurovirus,” this G.I. bug typically found on cruise ships.

It all started on Tuesday with poor little Madelyn, and ended with Ben and I taking turns getting sick all night Wednesday. My poor mom even got it from when she came over to help me clean up after Maddie.

Although it was a rough few days, I can honestly say it was a blessing from the Lord. There were many sweet moments of the three of us all piled into the sofa bed watching a Sesame Street video or Seinfeld episode, slowly munching on strawberry jello. Moments with just the three of us are definately fleeting as the birth of AJ approaches, and so Ben and I enjoyed snuggling with our little Maddie. It was also a time to praise God for his wisdom and timing. We are so thankful that AJ was not born a few days before the virus hit our home, or while the virus was with us. God is very kind to withhold his birth until He sees fit. I can say without a doubt that God’s timing is much better than mine!


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