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March 2, 2007

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Does Ketchup Count as a Vegetable?

I really wish it did, because then my little lady Madelyn would be one of the healthiest girls you know! Yesterday Ben and I got our taxes done, so Mimi and Pappy (thank you!) came over to watch the kiddos, including feeding Maddie dinner. Ben and I were still getting ready to leave as we watched Maddie “dig in.” Part of her dinner was tater tots, which she has had and loved before, especially dipped in ketchup. Mimi put a few tater tots on her tray, squirted some ketcup in the little compartment and showed Maddie how to dip the tot in the ketchup. Maddie quickly caught on…and on…and on…. Here’s the problem–she never actually ate ONE tater tot. She just kept re-dipping the same tot in ketchup and would very loudly SLURP! off the ketchup. YUCK! She quickly noticed that we all got a kick out of this behavior and so she did it all with a big smile on her face. Oh Maddie Moo!
**Thank you to those of you who have been praying for Anderson. He still has thrush, with no improvement, but we are taking him for his one month check up tomorrow. Please pray the doctors are given wisdom to know how to help him…the yeast has now given him a nasty diaper rash. Ben has been so kind to remind me that our God is GOOD and His plans are indeed PERFECT. I’m grateful for this reminder of God’s truth. THANKS for your prayers!**

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