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March 16, 2007

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Loving Life…

Anderson recently made a very important decision. He has decided that its not so bad to be awake. In fact, he’s actually started to enjoy being awake! It’s so fun to see A.J. beginning to get his own little personality. He has begun waking up happy–this is a nice change from typically waking up hungry and angry about it! While he eats, he has begun to take breaks to look up at momma and smile–I love that! And after he eats, A.J. now has at least 30 minutes of happy wake time where he’ll smile and “laugh” and wave and kick his arms and legs–especially at Madelyn. I’m so grateful for this change in Anderson–specifically for his daddy. Poor Ben was getting home at A.J.’s cranky time pretty consistently for the first few weeks. Its been so much fun to watch Ben and A.J. smile and “talk” together!

Thrush update: Our sweet little guy still has thrush, though it might (?) be getting better. (Its pretty hard to tell since its been like this for so long!) Anderson has 4 more days of this round of medication. Please pray with us that it goes away by then. The medication is not cheap, and we’d really like to move on! Also, please pray for patience and contentment for me in regards to this situation–I know God has a purpose for it, for our good and His glory. I want to find the balance between praying in faith for his healing, but also resting in God’s will and timing.


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