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March 28, 2007

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Random Thoughts from a Very Blessed Mommy
I don’t really have a point to this post, other than to update friends and family who haven’t seen our little ones lately. Here are just some random thoughts about my Maddie and A.J….
* Enjoys playing in and with hampers
* Now says “uh-oh” when her sippy cups go empty
* Is frequently found giving lamby her binkers, or milk, or bananas, or baby tylenol
* Loves to run and laugh
* Loves to chase bubbles
* Loves to sneak up on Mommy and Daddy and scream
* Gives AJ kisses, diapers, blankets, and tries to put hair clips in his hair (thankfully he has survived all attempts)
* Looks at her reflection in the window while dancing (shes getting some real nice moves)

* He’s so used to Mommy looking at his tongue and giving him medicine that he now opens his mouth and says “aahhh” on command
* Kicks and waves and squeals to “The Wheels on the Bus”
* Smiles his best smiles for Maddie, Mr. Giraffe, Daddy (when they do their ‘Wheels on the Bus’ variation) and Mommy (during his sleepy/full-belly time)
*Loves his “magic swing”

These two little beans are such a blessing to our family! Thanks for letting me share just a few reasons why!

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