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April 8, 2007

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Doctor’s Appointments and the Kindness of God
There are so many things I’d like to blog about regarding what God has been doing and teaching us this week…so I’m asking for your forgiveness in advance for a post that will most likely be rambling.

To start, Madelyn and Anderson had doctor’s appointments this week. What a blessing and gift from God vaccinations are, but boy are they sad. AJ had his first round this week, and there’s nothing like the cry a newborn gives when getting stuck for the first time…its so so sad to watch their little faces scrunch up and turn bright red as they experience real pain for the first time. I am so thankful that Ben was home on break during this appointment so he could be there to comfort Madelyn while I comforted Anderson…I have a big lap, but I’m not sure I could have held them both on there long enough to endure the shots and then give cuddles!

They are both growing so big and how kind of God! I am grateful to raise these little ones in a country where food is plentiful and resources abundant. Next time, Maddie gets weighed in on a ‘big girl scale’! Where has my little baby girl gone? We also found out that Maddie had an ear infection! We knew she was getting over a cold, but were shocked to hear this news because she never showed signs of pain…she’s such a trouper and with such a high pain tolerance to boot! (The Dragos have seen this quite a few times as they’ve watched Maddie whack her head off of a few chairs or stairs at their house!)

I also had a visit to the doctors. While I was getting over a cold, the glands on the right side of my face became swollen. For several days I had a very non-symmetrical face as one side was much bigger than the other. (Ben promised he still loved me in spite of my ‘new look’!!) During this time I wasn’t able to move my jaw up or down, so I wasn’t able to eat…but how kind of God to use man to invent the milkshake!!! Seriously, in God’s kindness, the doctor was able to perscribe a medicine that I could take while nursing and now I’m feeling almost completely better.

And speaking of feeling better…I’m excited to say that Anderson’s thrush is almost completely gone! The doctor gave us the go-ahead to stop his medicine, and almost immediately, we saw a huge improvement in his tongue. How kind of God, that during that season where I, in my sinfulness, often waxed and waned in faithfulness–often struggled to remember His truth and promises in scripture, He still heard my prayers (and the prayers of so many of you!) and healed my little guy’s tongue. Thank you Lord.

Today is Easter, and this is another reason to celebrate the kindness of God. I am absolutely overwhelmed at the thought that He, who knew no sin, chose to die on the cross for my abundant sins, sins that I have willingly and lovingly commited. Thank you Lord.

This Easter, like the past few, the Ross’ and the Anderson’s come over to our house and we celebrate Easter together. This has been the most fun Easter with our combined families to date, as Maddie ran from grandparent to grandparent, toy to toy, room to room. I often just sat back and watched–again, how kind of God! Ben and I are so grateful for our parents and their love and generosity towards us and now towards our children. And it is so obvious that Madelyn knows she is very loved! She has a special smile just for her grandparents! We think AJ is already understanding this as well, as he has given his granparents many smiles and coos already!

As usual, I’m having technical difficulties with our Kodak program, but promise to post new and adorable pictures as soon as I can!!! Have a wonderful Easter! Hallelujah–He is risen!


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