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May 4, 2007

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Three Months with Mister Moose
When we found out we were expecting a boy, Ben joked that he needed a tough nickname, like Moose. We knew that in order for him to keep this nickname, he actually had to be a big baby…so when A.J. weighed in at 10 pounds 6 ounces at birth, we thought ‘Moose’ was a sure thing. But Moose sounds too rough for such a sweet little gentleman…it just doesn’t sound right. So, Mister Moose has become my new pet name for Anderson.

Its hard to believe we’ve been with our Mr. Moose for three months already! How kind of God! Today has had a celebratory feel all day…Maddie showering his toes with kisses and shouting “AAAAA….JAAAAY!” at the top of her lungs at any moment. And of course we had our traditional monthly photo shoot and video recording. I don’t remember feeling this excited about a month birthday before, and its not even a milestone month, but I’m grateful God has given me such joy for today. Anderson is such a gift and a blessing to our lives, and I simply could not have imagined just how much, before he joined us. He’s a little mini-Ben in appearance: big bright blue eyes, dimples, spikey light brown/blondish hair. He gets his rosey cheeks and ear lobes from me, though! 🙂 And his personality is so sweet. He’s constantly kicking his legs and smiling. AJ loves to sit up, propped on someone’s lap or in the corner of a cozy chair. And he has such a cute high-pitched squeal. (You see, I just couldn’t call a high-pitched squealer like him ‘Moose’!) God has been so, so kind to us! Happy 3 months old Anderson!


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