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May 29, 2007

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God’s Provision (I tried rotating this pic of Anderson and I couldn’t figure it out!!! Its still a cute photo, even though you have to crane your neck to see it! )

Many of you know that our family will be heading to Gaithersburg, Maryland towards the middle of August for Ben to participate in the 2007-2008 class of the Sovereign Grace Pastors College. As promised, here is an update on the process. Already, we are so grateful for God’s faithfulness and provision. Thank you for praying on our behalf! The following is an email Ben wrote:

“Hey all, I hope and believe this will be the first of many emails and conversations I will have with many of you about God’s provision for our family as we embark on this new chapter of our lives. Not because we deserve it, but because God is kind and shows mercy on those who don’t deserve mercy. My hope is to keep you informed on the big and small things God does to provide for us during our Pastors College year. My hope is that it will encourge you and remind you of how wonderful God is in our lives, as well as yours.

This might be considered one of the smaller things, but it is a blessing, and all things from God are awesome. I was told that Antietam School District would end my insurance on July 1st and so I have been preparing to possibly pay for Cobra for a couple months until my short term insurance was confirmed. As many of you know, Cobra is $1,000+ per month.

Well, I received an email from the insurance coordinator at work who informed me they are going to keep us on the insurance (medical, vision and dental) until August 31st.

This is obviously going to save us a couple thousand dollars and will give us a chance to get A.J. to a couple more visits on the current insurance.

Kelly and I are so thankful for the ways you have already been praying for us and we ask that you would continue to do so with all these matters.

I hope this is a small example of God kindness and provision to people who don’t deserve it.”


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