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June 7, 2007

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Our God who Sustains

Yesterday, A.J. had his 4 month appointment. He was a real charmer on the table: cooing, smiling, squealing, grabbing his toes and rolling from side to side. What a sweet, wonderful blessing this little boy is to me! There was something our doctor was a little concerned about, though. In two months, AJ has only gained 1 pound and grew 1 inch. Our little ten-pound at birth porker has gone from the 98th% in weight to now 25th%. The doctor said that he could just be a slow grower, as some breastfed babies are, she’s truly not very concerned because he is still growing, even if its not a lot, but she wants him to come in next month to get weighed again, just to make sure everything is okay. When Ben got home from work I poured out my concerns to him: Is there something wrong with my milk? Is there something wrong with AJ? Is it because he’s tongue-tied? (the bottom of his tongue is attached a bit more to the bottom of his jaw that its supposed to be) My worries went on and on and on…. In the midst of my rant I heard God’s still small voice whispering over and over again: “I am sustaining him.” Thank you, God. Rather than being overly concerned with how little he’s growing, I want to be thankful that he is growing. God is sustaining him. Am I still tempted to anxiety more than I should be? Definately.

But I am confident in God’s promises:

“Cast your burden on the Lord, and he will sustain you.” Psalm 55:22

If you think of us, please pray for AJ, that he would continue to grow, and for me, that I would continue to trust and rest in God’s promises.


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