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July 29, 2007

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Our Little Lady

Just when we think it isn’t humanly possibly, we fall even more in love with our lovely little Madelyn. Each day she is less like a baby and more like a little girl. Here are some of our favorite “girly” attributes of Madelyn:

* When we ask her a question, like “Maddie, do you want more milk?” She responds, “I dooooo!” (You know this will make her wedding day “I Do” all the more emotional! Lets not go there…)

* Tank! (Thank you)

* Peace! (Please)

*Skoooos! (Excuse me)

*She loves to give hugs and kisses, especially to A.J., who she now calls by his new nickname “Roo Roo”! (We don’t really know where this one came from, but we’re embracing it.)

And probably our favorite:

* If any mess is made, whether it’s spilled juice, or crumbs, or even A.J. drooling, she gets a tissue and wipes it up!!
I simply can’t express in words how grateful to God we are for our children! What a joy it is to watch them grow and become more and more the people God has created them to be! It seems like yesterday that Madelyn was at the stage A.J. is at now…boy, does it go by fast.


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