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August 3, 2007

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Lovely Lunch Visitors and AJ’s first date…
Yesterday we had a special treat…two of my college roommates came over from Philly to visit with us! It was about a year since our last visit and the first time they got to meet little Anderson. It was such a nice time together! And both kiddies cooperated well and gave lots of smiles. Maddie even gave out some hugs and kisses before her afternoon nap. I had the priviledge to spend 4 years with Becky and 3 years with Kate at the University of Pittsburgh. My sophmore year Becky and I were roommates and my junior and senior years we all lived together off campus with 3 other ladies. Oh my, were they some fun days! They were the first true girlfriends I ever had. When all 6 of us are together, the McKee girls, as we were affectionately called (because we lived on McKee Place), make me laugh harder than anyone else. I have so many fond memories of those ladies, and though we don’t all get to see each other as much as we would like, its always special to get together with them and hear all about what God is doing in their lives! SO Bec and Kate, thanks so much for taking time out of your busy days to eat lunch with us. Thanks for cutting Maddie grapes, bringing lunch (and home grown tomatoes!), for cleaning up spilled spaghetti, and for letting AJ drool all over your arms. You’re both such a blessing from the Lord. And all you other McKee girls out there, they beat you to it…come on out and see AJ before he becomes a teenager šŸ™‚ xoxo

And today our little Anderson had his first “date” with little Lydia! Our dear friends, the Dragos, took their 2 year old birthday girl, Faith, to a birthday breakfast while we hung out with their 4 year old, Emme, and 3 month old, Lydia. Maddie and AJ were in heaven! Maddie stared at poor Emme for most of the time…it simply was too good to be true! Emme was here! Every now and then Maddie would stop what she was doing, say “Hi!” to Emme and give her a hug. Too cute. AJ and Lydia played on the floor together, every now and then grabbing each others arms or legs or clothing….all the while cooing and squealing. How fun to watch our kids become friends! I continue to pray that Madelyn and Anderson will one day have true biblical fellowship with the Drago girlies like Ben and I have found in their parents!


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