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August 19, 2007

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And the Adventure Begins!

(Our very excited family! Yay Gaithersburg!!)

This past week has been filled with many surreal moments, but today, waking up in another home, has been one of the “toppers!” Yesterday around 8 am we left our home and headed towards Gaithersburg, Maryland. We arrived at our destination around 10:30 am and have been unpacking ever since!

(Our family and hefty moving crew…Thanks so so much Uncle “Chewy” and Uncle Damien!!!)

We’re making some progress considering our many “stops” along the way to meet and spend time with our new host family. They are already beyond generous! All around our area of the house we’ve found little gifts to bless us…peanut butter cups and cherry coke in the pantry, gerber daisies in our family room, a cookbook, a coffee mug, a special little ladybug cup for Maddie (which she adores), and a little stuffed turtle for AJ…just to name a few! As we were moving in, Betsy and Gary Riccucci (the couple who will most closely be caring for us during this year) came by to welcome us, along with one of the Pastors College assistants that we’ve been in contact with. This is just one sign of how well we will be cared for this year. (That and the yummy gift basket they sent us as well!) Today I have a feeling we’ll have even more of a surreal moment as we join Covenant Life Church for their Sunday meeting…its a bit bigger than we’re used too!!! (A few thousand bigger?) Goodness there’s so much more I could write. Thankfully we’re sharing the Linn’s high-speed internet connection…you will get more updates than you could dream up!!! Thank you so much for all of your prayers on our behalf!!!

(Our family and our favorite pastor…Thanks so much for coming to say goodbye to us, C.B.!!!)


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