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August 21, 2007

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Settling In…
Today was a great, relaxing day spent together as a family. Most everything is unpacked and put in its place, with the exception of a few of Maddie’s clothes. The kids absolutely love sharing a room–in the morning we hear squeals and giggles, they quickly fall asleep at night, and have both slept through one another’s cries during nap times. Thank you, Lord!

We did some exploring today and found my new favorite shopping plaza. Having two little ones under 2, I’m all about one-stop shopping and this plaza has everything and more! The kids and I will be spending some real quality time there between Target, Hallmark, Applebees, Starbucks, Borders, and Kohls–to name a few. And what’s better, I actually think I know how to drive there on my own!

Here are a few pics of our day together…(Did I mention I love high-speed internet? I think we need to fit this into our budget when we return home!!!)

The most precious people in the world. What a blessing from our good God! This was on our way to Target this morning.

Our Bedroom

My handsome hubby in our private family room

My little stinker-beanies in Maddie’s big-girl bed before bedtime tonight

Some Mommy and AJ Time


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