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August 23, 2007

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New Discoveries

Since we’ve moved into our new home with our host family, many new discoveries have been made. Here’s a list of the few of them:

1. Maddie is a bit obsessive compulsive about shutting doors…ours, hers, the Linns, the dog’s cage door…its a bit much, but we appreciate the gesture

2. There are lots of steps to count

3. AJ learned how to babble! He has been a professional squealer and belly laugher for a few months, but today he added “mamama” “bababa” and his (and Ben’s) personal favorite “dadadada.”

4. Monitors are fun. We never had to use one in our house, but we do here. I love hearing Maddie talk to AJ, turn on her music, close and open her door, and the many birds and sirens making noise out their window.

5. Ben’s love and appreciation for ice cream has grown…especially since our host family bought us 5 gallons of MooseTrack varieties

6. Maddie is great at helping me pick out outfits. I’ve asked for her expertise in the area twice since we’ve been here, and she hasn’t let me down yet.

7. A full mailbox can still be sad when none of the mail if for us. Inversely, one piece of mail for us out of a ton of host family mail is like a rare and precious jewel…Thank’s Valentine family!

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