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August 27, 2007

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Our Weekend Review

Ben and I completed our first weekend in Gaithersburg. (Have we seriouslly only been away for a little over a week now? Goodness if feels longer than that.) We had a great weekend!

Saturday we had our PC Orientation Day. It was truly unbelievable! There were about 175 people from Covenant Life Church to help serve during the day…um, thats like the size of our church! Crazy. We were so specifically cared for all day long…from Madelyn being pampered all day in a huge play-room, to drinks and snacks during the morning meeting, to ladies caring for AJ all morning so that I could sit in the meeting with Ben…I could go on and on. We received LOTS of information, but we were prepared for that by many people…so I think as of now, we’re not yet overwhelmed. Now that we have our academic and social calendars its easier to think about what our year will actually look like…and soon, we begin living it. Ben starts classes tomorrow, but it will be, for the most part, an orientation week. Next Tuesday will begin his first official coursework.

On Sunday, CLC (Covenant Life Church) introduced the PC students and their families to the congregation. Ben and I were very affected (and emotional!) by the overwhelming excitment and support and applause we received from the congregation…people we have never met before and have never met most of the PC students. We continue to be amazed by God’s kindness and mercy for allowing us to experience the PC this year.

And in our moments of homesickness, we are quickly reminded that we are not just doing this for ourselves, but for our Christ Community Church family and our dear pastor C.B. It is an honor, priviledge, and joy to serve them in this way!

Here is our weekend in pictures:

Silly, singing Madelyn

Daddy and Maddie cuddling

Anderson and Madelyn “chilling out”


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