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September 2, 2007

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Saturday Mornings with Betsy

Today was the ladies first Saturday morning meeting with Betsy Ricuccui. We will continue to meet with her one Saturday a month, and honestly, I could use a lot more “Betsy-time.” Let me just say from the outset that I don’t think I’ve met anyone quite like Betsy. The first moment I met her, she looked me straight in the eyes, grabbed my hands and thanked me for the sacrifice I am making in order for Ben to go to the PC. It is the sincerity and humility in all that she does that has been effecting me the most. Here she is, the Love That Lasts co-author, the sister of C.J. Mahaney, the experienced and godly woman/wife/mother, thanking me for being here. Unbelievable.

SO today we met, and it was such a great time to learn with the other student’s wives. During our time, Betsy shared that her desire is for all of us to be humbler, holier, and happier women as the year continues and that we would grow–
In Faith—because of who God is
In Humility—because of who we are
In Anticipation—because God is always at work.

Here is one of many quotes we were given today…it’s long, but I think it speaks to who God is and who we are so well!

” There is unspeakable comfort-the sort of comfort that energizes…in knowing that God is constantly taking knowledge of me in love, and watching over me for my good. There is tremendous relief in knowing that His love to me is utterly realistic, based at every point of prior knowledge of the worst about me, so that no discovery now can disillusion Him about me, in the way I am so often disillusioned about myself, and quench His determination to bless me. There is, certainly, great cause for humility in the thought that He sees all the twisted things about me that my fellow men do not see (and I am glad!) and that He sees more corruption in me than that which I see in myself (which, in all conscience, is enough). There is, however, equally great incentive to worship and love God in the thought that, for some unfathomable reason, He wants me as His friend, and desires to be my friend, and has given His Son to die for me in order to realize this purpose.” –J.I. Packer, Knowing God

Music Makers

Maddie joined A.J. on the futon yesterday with musical instruments in her hands. It didn’t take A.J. long to spot them and steal one. Maddie didn’t mind and the two of them had a little music time together. Boy, do I love these guys!


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