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September 6, 2007

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Anderson Jay Whitefield Ross…7 months old

(What? AJ aware of Daddy’s stare)

Anderson: a sweaty boy. Like his sister, AJ sweats ALOT…this makes his hair spikey and cute!!

(Gazing…I love the way his little legs are curled up inside the swing)

It’s hard to believe that Anderson Jay has been with us for 7 months already! Here are some updates on our little guy…

*He’s teething! Today for the first time there is a white line on his bottom gum…a tooth should pop through any day now

*He’s still so happy! AJ smiles at anyone or anything that is in his view…from people, to dogs, to pictures. He loves to be with people and he will laugh and squeal and fake cough to keep your attention as long as possible.

*He’s a kicker. I knew this since before he was born, of course. He was always kick like crazy in my belly. We’ve discovered that his kicks rate his level of excitement. The faster he kicks, the happier he is. So cute!

*He’s trying to crawl. He’s not really even close at doing it, but for the first time he’s more content on his belly. He’ll squirm around for a bit, and then eventually give up and flip back over onto his back again.

*He’s a noisy boy. He “coughs” says “dada,” rarely “mama and baba,” squeals, hums, laughs, and of course occasionally cries!

*He can feed himself! He loves his “puffs” and feeds himself a handful at a time. Now, it is important to note that more puffs end up in his lap than his mouth, but he’s making progress!

*He loves baths. AJ will kick and kick in the tub, he loves to bend over his bath seat and splash the water with his hands and chew on the foam letters.

So there are 7 new facts about AJ’s first 7 months with us. What a joy and blessing he is from God! We cannot thank God enough for him!


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