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September 11, 2007

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My Super Hubby and our Date Night

(Also Known As: “The Most Pictures I Ever Posted on my Blog at One Time.”

Last night Ben and I had our first of (Lord willing!) several date nights down (or up, whatever…) at the P.C. Our dear host family has offered babysitting several Mondays out of the month for our date nights, and we are so grateful! Especially after the fun we had last night! But, its not only because of our dates that I appreciate Ben… he has been making sure that I have time to myself…whether it be to read, exercise, or take bubble baths! I am so grateful to the Lord for blessing me with such a wonderful husband! Below is our date night…

Here we our at the Rio…this wonderful area full of restaurants and shops. The place we ate, California Pizza, is on the waterfront. Very beautiful. AH….we’re alone! So happy! (Though I did mention a few times how much I missed our kiddies!)

Kelly is enjoying reading the menu. Typically in restaurants with the kids, she does not have this luxury. Typically, she orders the first thing that looks edible, then helps to entertain the kiddos til their food arrives.

Ben is very happy to have completed his first week of classes. He’s enjoying sitting at a quiet table with his love. He is also excited to try our adventurous appetizer…Orange Chicken Lettuce Wraps. (Yum! They were great! I never thought wrapping food in lettuce would taste so good!)

This is the part of the evening where Ben and Kelly act silly, like they did when they first started dating. At the Rio there are these two strange metal animals. (If anyone knows the significance of these, let me know. ) Kelly is gazing lovingly into the terrifying Lion’s eyes.

Quite a pair…Ben is only slightly jealous.

Ben is smooching the large, gentle bear. Kelly is only slightly jealous.

Here, because he has found a ‘pulpit,’ Ben has decided to “open air” preach on the streets of the Rio. ( Ok, not really…he’s just pretending to bang on it, but let’s just humor him, ok? )

Okay…so I typically don’t make it a habit to show people bad pictures of me, let alone post them on the internet for all to see, but this picture has the funniest story that I just had to share. After walking around the Rio, Ben and I went to play miniture golf. It was closed. So then we went to Krisy Kreme instead! Hurrah! This was my first Krisy Kreme experience and I really enjoyed it, and I don’t even really like donuts. So Ben wanted to take a picture of me with the Krisy Kreme hat on and I obliged. Before I was ready, he snapped the above shot. Our conversation went as follows.

Ben: You’re pretty, but why do you look so freaky in pictures?

Kelly: Well, I wasn’t ready! I was talking!

Ben: That’s too bad you look so freaky when you talk.

Kelly: (laughter) Okay then, take another.

This is the part of the story when the camera’s battery dies. NO! This will be the only picture we have memorializing this event in history! At this point we try several times to get the camera to turn back on….we mess with the batteries, and at one point even lay hands on them and pray over them for the Holy Spirit to regenerize the batteries completely. God chose not to answer that prayer. 🙂 Finally, about 30 minutes later, Ben randomly turns the camera back on. WE HAVE POWER! YAY! I quickly put the hat back on, adjust my hair, pick up my drink to pretend to sip it, and oh no, the camera shuts down again! Vanity of vanities. So, this is the only picture we have of our time at Krispy Kreme. Oh well.

And Because if I Didn’t Post a Picture of the Kids, You’d Stop Reading This Blog…

This is Anderson napping and looking adorable!

This is Madelyn and Grandpa reading about Elmo together. We had a wonderful visit with Granny, Grandpa, and Great-Granny. Thank you for visiting us!! It was so great to see you!!!


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