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September 15, 2007

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Madelyn, Anderson and Mommy had the opportunity to go to the zoo with 7 other PC wives and their kids yesterday. Boy, did we have a great time!! I was hoping to have tons of pictures to post regarding our adventure, but I quickly realized our newly charged batteries died again already. That sure is getting annoying, but maybe God knew I wouldn’t be able to multi-task that effectively without Ben around. Which speaking of, God’s grace was so abundant with our families as we toted lots and lots of kiddos (and bags, and food, and large strollers, and diapers, and cameras, and so much more) without our helpful, strong husbands!

The adventure began at the Metro Station, just a few minutes away from Covenant Life Church. The kind gentlemen at CLC drove our cars back to church so that we wouldn’t have to pay to park them there. (And then brought them back so we could get home!!! What servants!) When we got our passes to ride the Metro, got all of us down the slow and small elevator, we made it onto the Metro. Sweet, sweet Maddie thought this was our big surprise! Every time the Metro stopped she said “More?” Oh yes, Maddie…there’s much more in store!! AJ’s eyes got BIG every time we went in and out of a tunnel. They both did great.

Once we got to our stop, we had a brief walk to the Zoo (which was FREE!!!) and we began with the real entertainment. Maddie got to see so many animals, from a Sloth bear, to monkeys (Madelyn now does a GREAT imitation!), elephants, hippos, zebras, prairie dogs, and more. AJ slept MAYBE 15 minutes the entire day. He was for the most part, happy and content. He fed himself two bottles…both on the Metro, one each way. We spent most of the time at the zoo with 2 other families who have kids the same age as ours. It was fun to watch the kids interact with one another, and it was a wonderful time to get to know the ladies better.

If you ever come and visit and are looking for something fun to do, this was definately it…not bad for a grand total of $4.70!!!


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