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September 28, 2007

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Happy 2nd Birthday, Madelyn!!

Its hard to believe that today is Madelyn’s 2nd birthday! God has been so very kind and gracious towards us through the gift of Maddie’s life. She is such a sweet and happy girl! There are so many things that we love about her, but I will try my best to share the joy she has brought to us this past year. As usual, I’ll share it in list form.

* SHE LOVES HER DADDY–there is definately a special place in her heart for daddy. If she doesn’t seem him in the morning, she’ll call out his name all throughout the day, as if he’s hiding somewhere. The two of them love to wrestle and play and tickle. She loves to run up and hug daddy, often playing with his hair or giving him a little back rub–so cute! Maddie loves when Ben sings to her and prays with her–he’s the only one who can hold her as long as he does.

*SHE LOVES HER BROTHER–from the first day Madelyn met Anderson, she has been so sweet and gentle with him. She will gently pat his head and kiss his hands while he’s nursing in the morning. She says “hi!” to him all the time, always showering him with hugs and kisses and toys that he might want to play with. I love the two of them during bath time–splashing one another and laughing. Anderson definately loves her in return!

*SHE LOVES HER MOMMY–I receive many Maddie cuddles throughout the day. Some of my favorite times are reading to her on the sofa and singing and dancing together. She loves to be silly with me–and I love to be silly with her!

*SHE LOVES TO PLAY–Maddie has just recently started playing pretend–whether its making me drinks or pushing her lamby in the stroller or playing with the dollhouse, her imagination is really starting to grow!

*SHE LOVES TO EAT–There are some foods that Madelyn just adores: ice cream, spaghetti, hot dogs, apple juice, strawberries, and pizza

*SHE LOVES TO BE ON THE MOVE–Maddie loves to run around all over the place and explore her surroundings. Her new favorite place to be ‘on the move’ is the playground. The swings (“a whee!”) are her favorite.

Those are just a few things we love about Maddie. She has such a sweet and loveable spirit and we are so grateful the Lord gave her to our family.


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