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October 3, 2007

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Madelyn’s Birthday Weekend !

Maddie’s annual “birthday hat picture”–post Spaghetti dinner!

Maddie’s birthday cupcake

We had a great weekend celebrating Maddie’s 2nd birthday! It started with a little celebration with our PC host family. Maddie’s PC babysitter also stopped by with a surprise gift, so she got to celebrate with us as well. Maddie was so excited to blow out her candle that she continued blowing after almost every bite of her cupcake. Unfortunately, the Linn’s suffered many airborne bits of food at the dinner table. Maddie enjoyed her cards and gifts, her honorary spaghetti dinner, and an after-dinner trip to the playground to go on the “sides” and “a whees!”

Daddy, AJ, and Maddie before heading out to the playground

Saturday afternoon we travelled back home to celebrate with our families. It was SO nice to see everyone again, including our church family on Sunday morning. We love visiting Cov. Life Church, but there is something so very special about our church home…yes, it is the “dearest place on earth”! During the sermon, AJ, Caleb, and Eliot had some time to bond in the nursing mom/fussy baby room. I just love raising our kiddos with such wonderful families!

AJ, Eliot, and Caleb “hanging out”

Then on Sunday afternoon our families came over to our house to celebrate. I could not have hosted the event without my dear friend Audrey coming by to clean the house for us before we arrived (she even put chocolates on our pillows!) and my parents stopping by with necessary goodies (like milk) and unnecessary but much loved goodies (like welcome home balloons and doritos!). Thank you for your care for us! Maddie had a great time playing and visiting with some of her favorite people. And poor Aunt B…..well, Maddie didn’t want anyone changing her diaper but her! Thanks Bets. for your loving care for Maddie…you’re truly like a second momma to her! (And you’re welcome to come over here anytime to change a diaper or two!)

Maddie with her helmet and “bike”…just like Pappy!

Maddie opened her gifts on her birthday throne, courtesy of Great Aunt Debbie!

The biggest surprise gift was that BOTH Maddie and AJ were given ear infections!!! Seriously though, we are truly grateful that God allowed them to see their doctor and get meds before we returned to the PC. What a blessing to be able to have insurance for them during this time–we do not take that for granted anymore! You wouldn’t know by being with them that either kids have ear infections…to them, I think they enjoy their yummy ( or as Maddie says “nummy”) neon pink medicine!


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