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October 3, 2007

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“Tank You, Jeez!”

Mommy’s little, sweaty Madelyn

Tonight I had such a neat moment with Madelyn. AJ was taking a nap ( I think his he was pooped from missing his morning nap!) and Maddie and I were sitting on the front porch together outside. We were looking up at the sky and enjoying all God has made. Maddie was jabbering a mile a minute, though none of the words seemed to make sense to me! We were enjoying the breeze blowing the leaves around on the tree across the street when out of the tree came a bird. “Bihd!!,” shouted Maddie, pointing to it as it flew over our house. “More?,” sweet little Maddie asked. I told her we could pray for more birds, and see if God would allow us to see some more birds in the sky before we went back inside. So, we prayed and looked up in the sky, and wouldn’t you know it a few seconds later a bird came flying out of the tree! Maddie was so excited! Yay! God answered our prayer! After that bird, after bird, after bird came flying in the sky…we had so much fun watching them fly around. Maddie would say “bye bye!” as each bird flew out of sight. Shortly after, the sky was quiet again. I asked Maddie if she could thank Jesus for answering our prayer, and her cute lil’ voice said “Tank You, Jeez!” Thank you Lord, for always answering our prayers…in your time, in your way.


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