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October 26, 2007

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Casual Friday: Pajamas, Pancakes, and Play Forts

The past few days at the PC have been dreary, chilly, and rainy, so this morning when I went in to greet my little ones–all decked out in their cozy P.J.s, I just couldn’t make them get all chilly and put them in “real” clothes. Hence, Casual Friday. Madelyn and AJ have been sporting their casual all day, making them extra-specially nice to hug and cuddle…I love pajama days! And so, as the day continued, I thought the two things that could make Casual Friday even better would be to eat breakfast for lunch and to make some forts. Now Ben is a “breakfast food should be strickly breakfast” kind of guy, so we usually don’t get to eat pancakes for lunch. But today, its just Mommy and Maddie and AJ, so we went wild. Not only did we eat pancakes, but we ate chocolate chip pancakes! With butter! And syrup! And bananas on top! Well, at least Maddie and Mommy did. Poor Anderson is still a bit too young for chocolate and butter and syrup, but he enjoyed his bananas and peas and carrots. Maddie helped me pour all of the ingredients in the bowl, minus a few chocolate chips that someone mysteriously made it into her mouth! And each bite was accompianed by a “mmmm…..nummy!”

After lunch, Anderson went down for an early nap, so Maddie and I snuck downstairs to make a play fort! I have to admit, I’m a bit rusty…I haven’t made a good ol’ fort in years, but I think we finally got one made. Unfortunately the camera was upstairs for this event, so we haven’t caught it on film. Here’s a brief account of our time:

Maddie giggling and laying on the pillows. Mommy joining. Maddie
leaving. Maddie coming back with Larry Boy and Daisy Duck stuffed
animals. Maddie gives Mommy Larry Boy. Maddie takes away Larry
Boy from Mommy and gives her Daisy Duck. Maddie takes away Daisy Duck
and gives Mommy Larry Boy. Maddie contemplates not letting Mommy have
a toy, but finally decides to let her have Larry Boy. Mommy and Maddie
cuddle with stuffed animals approximately 5 seconds. Maddie asks: “Eek
Eek?” ( her mouse toy). Maddie leaves to get mouse toy. Maddie
returns with mouse toy. Maddie asks: “Book?” Maddie leaves to get
book. Maddie returns with book. Mommy and Maddie cuddle with
stuffed animals and mouse toy and book approximately 5 seconds. Maddie asks:
Ciner-elly? (her cinderella toy) Maddie leaves to get Cinderella. This
pattern goes on for awhile til the majority of her toys are under the fort
bonking Mommy on the head. Eventually the fort collapses.

Boy do I love my little beans! Which speaking of, I hear them now
through the monitor laughing at one another. I wanna join in the


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