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October 28, 2007

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Favorite Phrases

Madelyn’s 2 year picture

I’m copying my friend Michelle and taking some time to share some of my favorite phrases that come out of the mouth of my little babe, Madelyn. I know it won’t be long until she’s speaking complete sentences a mile a minute! ENJOY!

* “I see you Daddy! (or Mommy! or Roo-Roo!)” She does this looking through something, like her clear placemat, or between staircase beams

* “Where Boba dough ?” = Where did Mocha (the dog) go?

* “Sorry Roo-Roo, Sorry” = Sorry, A.J.

* “I uv oo!” = I love you!

* “Way uh!” = Wake up!

* “Mom…I stuck.” = Mom, I’m stuck. Yes thats right, she called me ‘Mom.’ I didn’t like that!

And last night at 2:35 am through the monitor, I heard…

* Mommy…book? Book! Book.


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