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November 29, 2007

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Take Two…or Four…or Fifteen?

I was debating posting about this “incident.” When I saw the posts of my fellow friends, Bethany and Michelle, and enjoyed getting a glimpse of their experience, I knew I had to do the same. So here it is. Our Ross family attempt of getting a Christmas picture. Our fearless photographer, Joanna was very patient with us…even bribing Maddie (and Ben?) with skittles. But alas, we were never able to capture a picture of all of us smiling! Hope you enjoy our outtakes!

In this picture the kids were standing on a huge stack of bricks and Ben and I were standing behind them. It would have been a great shot but I think AJ was a bit distracted!

I call Maddie’s look here “Strung Out on Skittles”–if you look closely you can see the lime green drool!

This picture would have been perfect if AJ could have at least pretended he was enjoying himself. Poor kid didn’t get any skittles. By the way, isn’t the lighting beautiful here? Joanna did such a great job!

This is my favorite…I have contemplated cutting and pasting another head on Maddie so that it appears she’s looking up and smiling. Wouldn’t it be a perfect picture?

This was one of the last pictures taken–I just love AJ’s face. It says it all doesn’t it? I think he’s had enough.


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