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December 3, 2007

Filed under: Anderson — adayinthelifeofaross @ 7:23 pm
Ten Months with A.J.!

It’s hard to believe another month has come and gone! A.J. continues to be a blessing to us beyond words–our content, happy boy is getting bigger and more fun every day! Our little guy is continuing to grow well and for that we are very grateful. Anderson has such a sweet, silly spirit about him. We so often will say “Oh silly A.J.!” that now Maddie joins us by saying “Silly Roo-Roo!” His new trick is mimicing the sounds we make–from “Uh Oh” to “bye bye” (‘dih-dih’) to occasionally mimicing our animal noices. (He’s especially good at the snake sounds!) 🙂 Our content boy still isn’t crawling yet (still not a fan of being on his belly!), but he continues to get more and more squirmy–we wouldn’t be surprised if he just skips to walking! Here are some pictures I took today…I just couldn’t choose one!


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