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December 6, 2007

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It snowed all day yesterday! Maddie and AJ were a bit mesmerized by it everytime they glanced out the window. I, too, love watching it snow! This morning the kids had their first time playing in the snow this winter. (The first time ever for AJ!) Below are some pictures and a video of our time. A bit after the video was taken Madelyn entered into a HUGE meltdown. To her defense, Mommy forgot to put gloves on her little hands. To Mommy’s defense, there’s just way too much winter clothing to remember when bundling a little one up to go outdoors!

Aren’t they the cutest little Eskimos you’ve ever seen?

I love how easy it is to entertain Maddie! She yelled “Wheeeee!” the whole ride to the back yard.

My little snow buddy–AJ LOVED it! He kept dragging his mittens in the snow and kicking his feet.

Maddie loved the snow too, until she touched it with her hands…again…and again…and even after Mommy told her to stop touching it…so cold…


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