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December 12, 2007

Filed under: Anderson,Mommy-ing,Pastors College — adayinthelifeofaross @ 5:10 pm
A.J.’s First Haircut!
Well, Mommy finally did it! With some helpful advice from Marianne, my friend and host family wife/mom, I took the ‘plunge’ and gave Anderson his first haircut. I didn’t take off very much and it doesn’t look too different from before, but its all I could bring myself to cut. Already, he’s looking older than I can handle! OH, before I forget…AJ took his first “step” crawling today! He crawled about two crawls to get a sticker Maddie dropped on the ground before he collapsed with delight at his “capture!” So exciting! He just might crawl after all!
Here are some before/after photos…
“Oh, I’m so sad and shaggy.”

“Thanks, Momma.”

“Hi, Ladies…look at me now!”

The side view….any pointers on how to make it more even?


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