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January 2, 2008

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The 12 (well, actually 14) Days of Christmas

Our family returned yesterday afternoon to the PC–our 14 day Christmas break has come to an end. Though it feels good to get back into a “normal” routine, it was a WONDERFUL time visiting family and friends. Thought I’d share the top 5 moments of our break with you. (There is so much more to share but still have mountains of clothing/toys/random stuff to unpack!!

1. We painted! Ben surprised me by painting our bedroom while Maddie and I baked cookies with my sister and mom over at my mom’s house. Us girlies had a great time, but what a surprise to come home to a newly and beautifully painted bedroom! It then inspired us to paint our living room! Now Ben and I are itching to get back and finish painting the rest of the rooms. It really gives our house more of a “home” feel!

2. Daddy Time!!! We were so spoiled to get lots and lots of time with Ben. Today has been a bit challenging for Maddie as she keeps asking for her Daddy. (“Where Daddy dough?”) We love our Benjamin very much and we so appreciate how intentional he was with spending lots of quality time with us when he could have been working ahead.

3. Visiting Mimi, Pappy, Aunt. B., Uncle Chewy, and Brady!

4. Visiting Granny, Grandpa, Aunt Jen, Uncle Eth-an, and Amelia!

5. Visiting Christ Community Church, our dear church family, again!
And this was Maddie at the end of our journey…just about to leave for Maryland…yup, she’s trying to nap on the steps!


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