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January 7, 2008

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Celebrating Anderson Jay’s First Year!

In less than a month A.J. will turn 1 year old! I devoted several posts starting a month before Maddie’s first birthday to recount some of my favorite “Maddie Moments.” I’ve decided to do the same for my little boy. I’m warning you now, some of these posts are going to be pretty sappy, but I hope you enjoy this look back at God’s faithfulness towards us!

A.J. Memory #1–There’s a Soccer Player in (and now out of) My Belly

My bulging belly at Maddie’s first birthday. I was almost 6 months pregnant.

When I was pregnant with A.J. I would often get jolted awake by his kicks. During the day I was often caught off guard by them as well. Practically every doctor visit the doctor would comment, “Boy, this little one moves a lot…I’m having a hard time getting his heart rate.” I remember wondering, “Will he be like this when he’s born?” And the answer is yes. My little guy still is in constant motion. When A.J. would get fussy as a newborn, Ben created a little leg-kicking sing-song chant that would always get him to smile and giggle. Ben would sing the chant and move A.J.’s legs according to the words of the song. This boy just loved to move his legs and we took advantage of it during every newborn fussy moment. Here’s a sample of the chant:

” A.J. Ross runs around, runs around, runs around. A.J. Ross runs around all day long.

A.J. Ross kicks a ball, kicks a ball, kicks a ball. A.J. Ross kicks a ball all day long.

A.J. Ross does a little jig, does a little jig, does a little jig. A.J. Ross does a little jig all day long.”

We sang this so many times to the poor guy that he would start laughing before we even got a hold of his legs!


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