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January 16, 2008

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A.J. Memory #4–My Cuddlebug

Anderson is such a little cuddlebug! This wasn’t always the case, however. When he was first born his Granny called him “The Lone Wolf.” He just didn’t like to be held very much, and though it made me a little sad, I was okay with that. Maybe that was just how boys were? But then one day it changed. I’m not sure what caused it, but Anderson became the biggest cuddler I know! So here are some ways that I love his cuddles…

* when I nursed AJ (which in itself was such a surprise and gift–I didn’t expect to be able to since I had such a hard time with Maddie) he would often stop, pull away and look at me with such sweet smiles and big eyes and burrow his head into my shoulder
* when he first wakes up from a nap he’ll look into my eyes all serious, burrow into my shoulder and start sucking his thumb–he’s actually fallen back asleep doing this many times!
* if he falls or gets hurt (which he does quite a bit now that he’s cruising every where) he reaches his arms out to me and throws his body towards me to catch him, and then sucks his thumb and cuddles til he feels better, then its off again to explore
* he gives real big squeeze hugs sometimes with both arms around my neck
* and of course he gives the messiest kisses with his mouth open wide–and he just recently learned to say “Mwah!” when he kisses! His kisses are gross and cute all in one!
We love our little cuddle buggie!!!

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