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January 23, 2008

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A.J. Memory #6–His “Wild Man” Moments

Our little Anderson can be quite a little “wild man.” Here are a few examples of his wild side…

* When I go in his crib to get him in the morning he is usually all over the place, often removing the bumpers and moving them all over the crib, his limbs flailing in and out of the rails.

*He loves taking baths and will splash and splash getting all of us wet!

*He’s a mean harmonica player. (He holds it vertically rather than horizontally and blows through one end sometimes resulting in loud sounds–he bounces up and down wildly with excitement at this!)

*He’s now a crawler! Whats “wild” about this, though, is that he is only motivated to crawl towards something that is dangerous–for example Maddie’s hair clips, or an outlet, or a small coin.

*He’s quite a wild climber. He will attack us when we least expect it, thrusting his body on us and climbing up to our hair to give us wet kisses or to pull our hair.

A.J.’s “wild man moments” often is accompianed by lots of growling and exaggerated smiles…what a cutie pie!!!


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