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January 25, 2008

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Fun Times!
I’m taking a break from my lil’ tribute of A.J. to post some fun pictures of what we’ve been up to lately. First, another addition of “Ben and Kelly’s Crazy Date Nights.” I know these aren’t as exciting as pictures of the kids, but humor me, okay? (Or scroll down to the kids pics, I won’t know.) We went to another restaurnt at the Rio called “Rio Grande.” It was a great mexican restaurant with huge portions and a fun atmosphere.

Oh yes, I’m a woman of many talents!

Then we went to the store “The Great Indoors” to find kitchen organizers. I couldn’t find anything but we had fun pretending to live in the fancy sample rooms!

Kelly “washing” her hands.

“Hello, welcome to my gourmet kitchen!” Ben enjoying the high life without paying the price!

We’ve been having such a great time getting to know the other families at the P.C. this year. One family, the Grovers, have a little boy a bit older than Maddie. Maddie loves William, or “Wee-um,” as Maddie calls him. And I love his momma, Bethany! Here are some pictures of a lunch date we had. The pictures don’t quite capture what they were doing…they were taking turns climbing on a bin and jumping off–it was so cute! At one point when Maddie got a bit distracted, William sweetly came up, held on to Maddie’s hand and gently lead her back to the bin! So cute!

One day at Bethany’s she introduced me to the most wonderful bubbles EVER! They’re from Gymboree and they’re called “Bubble Oodles.” Though they’re a bit expensive for bubbles (I think around $7), they last for a long time! We actually had a bubble on our carpet for days! The kids love watching and popping them. The funny thing about these bubbles is that you have to ask the person behind the register to get them for you…its like its a big secret! Here are some pics of the kids enjoying them!


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