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February 5, 2008

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A.J. Memory #8–Our Talk-Talk-Talker

Yes, I’m a bit behind recounting our first year with A.J. He turned one on Sunday and in a few days I hope to get all “caught up.” In the mean time, you can check out my sidebar Flickr page for some of A.J.’s birthday pictures…they’re not all up yet, but we have up to when he ate the birthday cake.

So, back to our little talker… AJ makes A LOT of noise! Even now as I type this he’s over talking to Madelyn saying “Ow! Da-Da! Uh nuh nuh…Brrrrr….Ba Ba!” He’s quite an enthusiastic talker, though almost all of time we have no idea what he’s saying! My favorite sayings of his are mimics, so he doesn’t say them on his own yet, but he’ll repeat us when we say them. Here they are…
1. “No Throw!” AJ growls this in a low voice after he drops his cup and after Ben or I say “No Throw.” Afterwards he typically laughs!

2. “Amen!” It sounds more like “Nah Nah!” but he says it after we pray together every time. SO CUTE!

3. He “talks” on the phone with us. He’ll take his hand and hold it up to his ear and start babbling away.

4. And of course “No Touch!” This also sounds pretty clear, I guess he’s used to hearing it a lot!!!


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