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February 13, 2008

Filed under: Madelyn,Mommy-ing,Pastors College — adayinthelifeofaross @ 5:26 pm

Mommy Maddie

Maddie has really enjoyed playing “Mommy” lately. From cuddling dolls, to cuddling AJ, to sticking things down her shirt to make a belly, and recounting people she knows who’s having babies. ..She spends a lot of her day doing “mommy things.” Last night as we were talking about my friend Trisha who just recently had a baby, I asked Maddie if she thought I should have another baby. (Readers–I am NOT pregnant!!!) She firmly said, “No. Me baby!” I told Maddie she was too little to have a baby, and besides, she needed a husband. I reminded her, “Maddie, you don’t have a husband yet.” Just to see what she would say I asked, “Maddie, have you thought of who could be your husband some day?” Expecting to hear “Daddy” or the name of one of the boys she knows, she shocked me by saying “Jesus!” What a funny girl! I already feel a bit sorry for her future husband with such high expectations!! 🙂

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