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March 13, 2008

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What’s Goin’ On…

So, yeah, the blog’s been a bit dormant lately. The Ross family was struck with the flu/cold virus that was going around. It started with Maddie, just as a cough, then AJ got a runny nose, then Maddie got the flu, then Mommy had it, then Daddy had it, AJ’s nose ran a bit more, and now I think we’re done. Whew! Today were officially all healthy all at the same time! Hurrah!
In the midst of the yuckies we still managed to have a bit of fun. Here are some of the moments captured in pictures…

1. AJ and Maddie Silliness
The kids have been making me laugh more than usual lately. AJ now loves to open and close doors. He and Maddie will play Peek-A-Boo for a few minutes at a time throughout the day. Here are some pictures of it in action.

2. Fondue Night Surprise

The Linn family was having a Fondue Family Night. Ben and I were about to head up when they invited us! Okay, so maybe we lingered a bit long on purpose….you be the judge 🙂 As we were about to dip in we heard Maddie at her door calling for us. Ben thought it would be fun to let her join in the fun as wel…she thought so too!!

3. The Inn at Westwynn Farm Getaway

Ben and I planned a “getaway” for this past weekend at the Inn at Westwynn Farm, a beautiful farm bed and breakfast 3 miles from Hershey, PA. If you’ve never tried or been interested in B&B’s before (like us!) this is a great way to start! It was beautiful there and we still had lots of privacy for being a B&B. Unfortunately Ben got the flu about 2 hours after we checked in….but it was still a very relaxing and peaceful time, which is what we wanted anyway! Ben was able to watch some cable sports and recouperate in a cozy king sized bed and I was able to do some planning for when we return home to PA, and relax in a huge jacuzzi! The next morning we had a delicious breakfast and a tour of the farm animals–they have alpacas, horses, goats and a donkey!! Even with Benny being sick, I love every moment I get to spend with him! Thank you, Love, for taking time out of a demanding school schedule to bless me with this trip! I love you!

And thanks Granny and Bo-Bo for spending the weekend with the kids! We had a great time and we know they did too!! What a blessing you are to us!

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