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March 25, 2008

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Our Easter!

We had a wonderful time celebrating Easter this year! This was the first year that Madelyn began to get bits of understanding as to what we celebrate during Easter. On Friday we talked a bit about the crucifixion with her, which we have done before, but it seems like she is starting to understand it a little better now. She was able to repeat to us that Jesus got “boo boos” on his hands and feet and died for sins. Then on Sunday she was able to say “Jesus is alive!”

On Saturday we painted eggs together…boy, was this an adventure! I just had to release any ideas I had of a clean egg dying experience! It was a MESS, but we had a great time. Maddie’s eggs turned out great too–the kit we had came with sponges and paint–this was by far the messiest part, but her eggs turned out really pretty.

Sunday we celebrated at Covenant Life Church and we had the honor of hearing C.J. Mahaney preach an excellent sermon on the resurrection of Christ. Afterwards our family got together with about 7 other P.C. families to have a pot-luck Easter meal together. What fun to get to taste a bit of other families Easter traditions! Thanks, Chris for your carrot souffle recipe–it was a hit! Everyone commented on how easy it is to eat veggies with this recipe! I guess equal parts butter, sugar, and carrots will do that 🙂 After the meal the kiddos had an egg hunt. Maddie did a great job finding the eggs and it didn’t take long for her to figure out that they needed to get in the basket!

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